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Wormy Worms

Potassium Polyacrylate Water Storing Polymer Crystals

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  • Eco-friendly & Non-toxic, Designed for All Water Loving House Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Vegetable and Flower Gardens, Lawns and Farms of All Sizes.
  • Biodegradable Super-absorbent Polymers. Able to Hydrate and Re-hydrate Many Times Over Its Lifetime.
  • Able to Absorbs Water Soluble Nutrients and Fertilizers, Preventing Their Percolation Into The Water Table.
  • Significantly Reduces Watering Cycles to Conserve Water For Growers. It Is Used to Prevent Plant Loss Caused by Water Stress and Drought In Soil Where the Water Holding Capacity Is Low or Non-existent.
  • AG Grade Potassium Polyacrylate will not cause soil salinization.


How to Use:

For New Container Plantings: Fill container with potting soil, leaving 3-4" from top of container. Mix Soaked Water Storing Crystals thoroughly into the soil. Place plant on soil and fill with potting soil, leaving 1" from top of container. Water plants thoroughly.

For Existing Containers: Make several holes in soil (with stick or pencil) evenly spaced around plant. Avoid root area. Incorporate Soaked Water Storing Crystals evenly among holes. Cover holes with soil and water thoroughly.

In Ground: Work Soaked Water Storing Crystals evenly into soil throughout the
root zone at a rate of 7 tsp per 6-foot row.

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