Hornworm Chow Cooking Instruction

  • 3.5oz dry mix makes around 1.2lb cooked food.
  • 7oz dry mix makes around 2.5lb cooked food.
  • 14oz dry mix makes around 5lb cooked food.
  • 28oz dry mix makes around 10lb cooked food.

Fresh made high quality Hornworm Chow, vitamin enriched. 1 bag of chow(7oz) and makes around 2.5lb food cooked. 14oz dry mix makes about 5lb cooked food, which can feed about 80-90 worms to adulthood.

Cups with vented lid were sold separately, you can add them to your order with no additional shipping cost.

Avoid condensation inside the cup, water will promote bacteria and mold growth. Cups can be placed upside down for easy cleaning but don’t leave any worms on the lid, they might not be able to climb back up to the food. Cook 1 bag at a time, don’t cook more than what your worms can eat in a week or two, try to serve them fresh food, don’t pour more than 2″ thick of food into the cup.  If raising from eggs, 1/2″ food in each cup will last them a long time.

Chow Preparation steps:

Boil your vented cups and lids and let dry before using.
1. Pour 4 cups of distilled/filtered water into your pod then pour in the chow (7 oz bag).
2. Use a hand mixer to mix the chow for 1-2 mins, make sure there is no chunks left.
3. Boil the mixture while keep stirring, make sure the mixture boil viciously, to activate Agar.
4. Keep stirring while its cooling for a min or so.
5. Pour them into different cups to settle, or pour into an airtight container for storing in fridge.